Artemus Update

We've updated the website to fully integrate the Artemus, including sound files from our friend Jay Manley. Also, because the Hammerhead Mk II was discontinued at the beginning of this year, all of the Hammerhead Mk II information has been moved to the Support section of the site. In the process of archiving the Hammerhead info, two new pages were created: Sounds Archive and Press Archive. The Press Archive, though containing nothing not previously available, groups reviews of the bygone models El Moto, Imperial, Hammerhead (the original), and Hammerhead Mk II. The Sounds Archive, in addition to housing the Hammerhead Mk II sounds, brings the original Imperial sound files back to the site (for your amusement only). We suspect the old El Moto and Hammerhead sounds are lurking about somewhere, but we have yet to locate any notes or settings lists which would help in their identification. The Press and Sounds Archives can be accessed through the Support page under Discontinued Models. ¡Olé!

Welcome, New Dealers!

We've got lots of new dealers to welcome (and assimilate into the collective--resistance is futile!):

New Stuff for 2010

Artemus Logo

We have some new offerings this year.

  • The Artemus is an 4x EL-84-driven combo. The details are on our Home page.

  • We have two new coverings: Alligator and Ostrich. Our Home page has photos.

  • There are three--count 'em three--new variations on the Slant 6V:

    1. Slant 6V Lt - Clean channel only version. Same as the classic, just no OD channel.
    2. Slant 6V HP - High power version. With 4 6L6s making 100/55/35 watts.
    3. Slant 6V HP Lt - High power, clean channel only version.

    More info will be added to the Slant 6V page soon.

  • And lastly, sadly, we are discontinuing the Hammerhead. It was a great but misunderstood amp, and orders have been few and far between. So long lil' buddy. *sniff*.


New Ohio Dealer

DHR Music Experience, Cincinnati, Ohio

DHR Music Experience,
Cincinnati, Ohio

DHR Music Experience is a new Carr dealer (and a dealer in new Carrs) located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are currently our only dealer in the Buckeye state, so we call upon you, the people of Ohio, to head on down, over, or up to DHR Music for all your Carr needs. DHR Music Experience 9466 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45242 513-272-8004

Carr Amps on Facebook

Yep, we've got a Facebook page. As of this post, there isn't much there, but we'll be adding photo galleries, discussions, and all the other bells and whistles in short order. You can, however, become a fan of Carr Amplifiers right this minute! Show your support for Carr Amps while showing your friends that you have superior taste in guitar amplifiers.

Welcome to Point-To-Point

This is Point-To-Point, the spot for fun, educational Carr Amps Videos, articles, news, and oddities! What are Carr Amps Videos, you ask? We are embarking on an ambitious project to produce at least one video per month on subjects like amp building, the Carr Amps shop, how-to's, and more. The first one is already up: Carr Video Series #1. Yes, we are moving into the modern world (but we still make our amps with tubes). With Point-To-Point's blog-style format, you are welcome, nay, encouraged to add your comments to the posts. And to keep up with Point-To-Point, there are subscription options via RSS and email. Both methods are hosted by Google's Feedburner service. To navigate Point-To-Point, you can scroll through the posts which are arranged by date from newest to oldest, or use the methods provided in the Point-To-Point Submenu (at left) to zero in on the posts you are interested in.
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In other modern improvements, we now have a Carr Amps YouTube Channel. There you can find, in addition to our Carr Amps Videos, collections of others' videos that feature Carr amps. Enjoy, and check back often! Best, Steve Carr and the Carr Team