Bloke Review in Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar, cover, September 2012
The September 2012 issue of Vintage Guitar has a review of the Bloke. Here's an excerpt: [The Bloke is] a rock star, able to produce classic '70s stack tones. Its tight punch and gainy tones make perfect for the player who wants to drop their '70s Brit-style head and cab for a 1x12 combo. - Vintage Guitar, September 2012 Pick up a copy of the magazine or read the review here: No Regular Fella (920kb pdf).

Charlie Hunter Gets His Rambler

Seven-string guitarist Charlie Hunter came by Carr Amplifiers last Saturday to pick up his new Rambler, which he used that evening at his show in Raleigh. He called later to say how much he enjoyed the amp, describing the sound as open from bottom to top, wide, and not boxy. He also said that thanks to the Rambler he'd found himself playing harmonics he'd forgotten he was able to play.
Charlie Hunter with his new Rambler at Carr Amplifiers