Shipping A Carr Amplifier

Save your original packing materials

If you are shipping a Carr amplifier to us (or anywhere), repack it in the original box with the original packing inserts and padding. We hate to see amplifiers damaged due to inadequate and improvised packing. If you do not have the original packing materials, we will send you everything you need to ship your amp safely for about $40.00 plus shipping costs.

With your original or replacement packing materials on hand, follow the instructions below to pack your amp.

Packing Your Carr Amplifier for Shipment

  1. Securely wrap coiled power cord inside a small strip of bubble wrap to prevent tube breakage. Also wrap any other objects (pedals, spare tubes, etc.) being shipped inside amplifier cabinet.
  2. Place amplifier inside plastic bag, tape mouth of bag closed.
  3. Tape cardboard panel to plastic bag over grillcloth area.
  4. Wrap long sheet of bubble wrap, folded lengthwise, horizontally around amp's midsection.
  5. Place 4 "A" blocks in bottom corners of box.
  6. Fold a sheet of bubble wrap into several layers to make bottom pad and place between "A" blocks.
  7. Place amplifier in box on top of "A" blocks so that it rests level, taking care that bubble wrap around amp's midsection stays in place.
  8. Place remaining 2 "A" blocks over top rear corners of the amplifier, and "C" and "D" blocks over amplifier's top front corners.
  9. Fold another sheet of bubble wrap into several layers to make top pad, place between top corner blocks, and tape box top securely closed. Once packed, amp should not move or shift within box.

Ship via UPS or FedEx (USPS will not deliver to this address) to:

Carr Amplifiers
23 Rectory St., Suite E
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Please write the RMA# on the outside of the box.